Proposed list of films to be shown at Clinton Street Theatre

Ok, the plan is to start with lighter hearted films and gradually progress into darker territory until Ratking.

Here is the proposed list:



 Pre: Ratking Trailer

Features some hints at the back story, and has footage/music not in the final film.

approx 2:09


1.  2012 Hump Film entry: Enter Galac-Dick 

This film is pretty raunchy, but it’s Claymation, and pretty silly. It does feature outer space monsters with tentacled eyes and such though, and it was a lot of work to finish it in about 3 weeks. Warning: Semi explicit claymation renderings of Xenozoophilia!

Approx. 5:10


2. Happenstance and Circusdance  

This is a short film made in 48 hours (reedited) under the daunting conditions of doing a  true stopmotion film and a musical. It deals with misformed mutated circus performers, living in a sort of circus citadel. The problem is that no one comes to their circus, and they do not know why. Stop motion.

Aprox 7:30


3.  Tonight October 

The Prids music video for the song Tonight October. Not particularly Lovecraftian, but a sentimental, sad, and slightly tragic tale of two lovers and the title is very fitting.  Mixed Animation

Approx 3:50


4.  The Night Terrors of Taduesz Grient

A film made in 24 hours utilizing shadows and lights used like camera lenses. It is the tale of a young materialistic boy who starts losing pieces of himself to some unknown unseen force.


5. A Short Nap, Ever Elongating

A film made in 72 hours for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in PDX. My first real attempt at doing a live action piece.

Approx.  10:00


6. The Ratking

my second live action effort….. ugh  what to say?… Probably I won’t be entirely happy with it(still editing)… but I learned a lot making it.

Approx 45:00



There may be some changes or additions to this schedule. This is just the planned scheduled schedule.




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