Update and expectation(s)… set and match?

Just a note that Ratking is still being polished, but is briefly on hold as I finish up another film project due next week.

I also wanted to take a moment and attempt to set expectations for this film.

The original idea was to take Lovecraft themes and character types and make a very natural modern film with them, akin to a Gus Van Sant sort of treatment.

The film would have 3 basic layers.

The first layer is the characters who were not presented nor portrayed as if they were in a horror movie.

No overt drama, or foreboding character arcs present.

The second layer is the audience’s knowledge that this is indeed a horror film. This creates a filter for everything they see, and an obstacle for the filmmaker to achieve something satisfying and interesting/unexpected, because the characters in the film are supposed to act “naturally”, while the audience is on the look out for all the bits they know must be there.

But this second layer also allows us an interesting opportunity to play with the expectations of the audience in regards to outcomes. (which I’m pretty sure I’ve failed at this, this time, but we’ll see).

The third layer is the hidden story and backstory buried in the elements, and anything that makes the audience try to do things with the pieces, that at first glance, seem to go no where.

On the surface I think Ratking is a very simple story. Arguably the simplest story I have written for something like this. The goal was to be in the way it was executed. The style.

I wrote it for another group of people to make, actually, as I had, in my opinion, insufficient experience and skill to make a live action film that I would be satisfied with.

Making  A Short Nap, Ever Elongated, gave me a confidence boost, and when the people involved had other priorities come up, I took the reigns. I basically dropped all my other projects, and realized if I didn’t do it, it wasn’t going to get done.

A couple notes in addendum:

The trailer contains almost no footage that appear in the actual film, It is simply to give a feel for tone, and that the symbol is involved.

It also shows something that is that third layer… the layer that opens the story up…



a flashlight lit wall.



Leah went underground.




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