Early Musings

An Historical Context



Michael and I (Brandt) have been discussing horror writing and films for a little over a decade. We discussed how concepts such as anthropomorphism, ego, trite & overused themes, and predictable narratives have lulled readers and viewers into a space where success is awarded to the new level of revulsion. With few exceptions, we are rarely surprised.


We also discuss technique, and how so much can be accomplished by simply not showing the monster. Selective obscuration.


Uncomfortably long edits to take us deeper into a character’s anguish than we are comfortable with. (Twin Peaks)


Using the limits of technology to limit what we can see, therefore enabling our brains to fill in the gaps. (Silent Hill game)


The familiar is no longer familiar.


With this film, I hope that we tread on unexpected ground and turn a few preconceptions on their heads. We’ll zag where we’re expected to zig.

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