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I have rebuilt with archives covering of old projects, as much as I can dig up, and  the current project The Woodland Prince.


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RATKING and A Short Nap… To Be Shown as Part of the LA HPLFF

Ratking and the Amelus produced short film A Short Nap, Ever Elongating  were chosen to be shown as part of the Los Angeles H.P. Lovcraft Filmfestival.

NOTE: this is a new edit never before shown, with some additional footage and changes.


Tickets are available here


LAHPLFF2013 poster

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Proposed list of films to be shown at Clinton Street Theatre

Ok, the plan is to start with lighter hearted films and gradually progress into darker territory until Ratking.

Here is the proposed list:



 Pre: Ratking Trailer

Features some hints at the back story, and has footage/music not in the final film.

approx 2:09


1.  2012 Hump Film entry: Enter Galac-Dick 

This film is pretty raunchy, but it’s Claymation, and pretty silly. It does feature outer space monsters with tentacled eyes and such though, and it was a lot of work to finish it in about 3 weeks. Warning: Semi explicit claymation renderings of Xenozoophilia!

Approx. 5:10


2. Happenstance and Circusdance  

This is a short film made in 48 hours (reedited) under the daunting conditions of doing a  true stopmotion film and a musical. It deals with misformed mutated circus performers, living in a sort of circus citadel. The problem is that no one comes to their circus, and they do not know why. Stop motion.

Aprox 7:30


3.  Tonight October 

The Prids music video for the song Tonight October. Not particularly Lovecraftian, but a sentimental, sad, and slightly tragic tale of two lovers and the title is very fitting.  Mixed Animation

Approx 3:50


4.  The Night Terrors of Taduesz Grient

A film made in 24 hours utilizing shadows and lights used like camera lenses. It is the tale of a young materialistic boy who starts losing pieces of himself to some unknown unseen force.


5. A Short Nap, Ever Elongating

A film made in 72 hours for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in PDX. My first real attempt at doing a live action piece.

Approx.  10:00


6. The Ratking

my second live action effort….. ugh  what to say?… Probably I won’t be entirely happy with it(still editing)… but I learned a lot making it.

Approx 45:00



There may be some changes or additions to this schedule. This is just the planned scheduled schedule.




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Update and expectation(s)… set and match?

Just a note that Ratking is still being polished, but is briefly on hold as I finish up another film project due next week.

I also wanted to take a moment and attempt to set expectations for this film.

The original idea was to take Lovecraft themes and character types and make a very natural modern film with them, akin to a Gus Van Sant sort of treatment.

The film would have 3 basic layers.

The first layer is the characters who were not presented nor portrayed as if they were in a horror movie.

No overt drama, or foreboding character arcs present.

The second layer is the audience’s knowledge that this is indeed a horror film. This creates a filter for everything they see, and an obstacle for the filmmaker to achieve something satisfying and interesting/unexpected, because the characters in the film are supposed to act “naturally”, while the audience is on the look out for all the bits they know must be there.

But this second layer also allows us an interesting opportunity to play with the expectations of the audience in regards to outcomes. (which I’m pretty sure I’ve failed at this, this time, but we’ll see).

The third layer is the hidden story and backstory buried in the elements, and anything that makes the audience try to do things with the pieces, that at first glance, seem to go no where.

On the surface I think Ratking is a very simple story. Arguably the simplest story I have written for something like this. The goal was to be in the way it was executed. The style.

I wrote it for another group of people to make, actually, as I had, in my opinion, insufficient experience and skill to make a live action film that I would be satisfied with.

Making  A Short Nap, Ever Elongated, gave me a confidence boost, and when the people involved had other priorities come up, I took the reigns. I basically dropped all my other projects, and realized if I didn’t do it, it wasn’t going to get done.

A couple notes in addendum:

The trailer contains almost no footage that appear in the actual film, It is simply to give a feel for tone, and that the symbol is involved.

It also shows something that is that third layer… the layer that opens the story up…



a flashlight lit wall.



Leah went underground.




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Official Title, Movie Poster, and Show date

Official Movie Poster for The Ratking

The official title of this project is now revealed. The Ratking will be shown at the Clinton Theatre on  Tuedsay October 30th, 2012 at 7pm. There maybe additional dates.It will be shown with a companion short, and a few newer shorts from Monsieur Soeur, including The music video for The Prids song “Tonight October”.




The film is in final editing phases. I hope to have a rough showable version by sometime next week, and allow some time for further polishing and adding in additional garnishing and fluffery.

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The… Trailer

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had some embedding issue with wordpress
The trailer will be in the next post.

It was actually completed before the Lovecraft filmrace.


In other news, despite some setbacks and gear changes (actors, locations, etc), we are still proceeding on  schedule…. maybe not the schedule I wanted, but on some schedule of some sort.

Two of the most complex shots are now filmed, and ready to edit, while probably 2 more complicated scenes remain.

Biggest hurdle is probably the fact that a lot of mundane details audiences will probably never notice or care about are consuming a monster share of time and energy. This being my second live action piece, the ROI isn’t enticing, but I do recognize it as unavoidable Smilie: :)







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Rebuilding Blog

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the symbol

  Had some problems relocating blog, setting up the hosting space, and getting the new client configured here. Blogging is not really my area of interest, but I did want to state that this project is still underway, despite some odd hurdles. … Continue reading

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An Historical Context



Michael and I (Brandt) have been discussing horror writing and films for a little over a decade. We discussed how concepts such as anthropomorphism, ego, trite & overused themes, and predictable narratives have lulled readers and viewers into a space where success is awarded to the new level of revulsion. With few exceptions, we are rarely surprised.


We also discuss technique, and how so much can be accomplished by simply not showing the monster. Selective obscuration.


Uncomfortably long edits to take us deeper into a character’s anguish than we are comfortable with. (Twin Peaks)


Using the limits of technology to limit what we can see, therefore enabling our brains to fill in the gaps. (Silent Hill game)


The familiar is no longer familiar.


With this film, I hope that we tread on unexpected ground and turn a few preconceptions on their heads. We’ll zag where we’re expected to zig.

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Our First Actor Joins

For the last few months, Michael and I have discussed what “types” would best suit our documentarians. Michael happened to randomly run into Brooke Budy on a bus. Brooke is a fellow member of Portland Filmmakers Group, and is someone that Michael has been interested in chatting with, but we weren’t to a point to discuss actors yet. A fateful bus ride intervened.

Welcome to the project, Brooke!

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